Camouflage body paint at fair Beaulieu

Thanks to Strange People, Ellen was allowed to do a camouflage body paint for a Beaulieu fair in the Oude Vismijn in Ghent. Model Sarie seemed to blend into the background in this way. Beaulieu wanted to highlight their example of textile printing in this way. Sarie was bodypainted backstage beforehand.

Strange People describes what they do as follows: “We sell big smiles. Preferably on your face, mixed with a bit of delight and what beautiful memories are made of. There is only one proven recipe for that daring trick: happy artists make a happy audience. We resolutely choose local talent, full of spontaneity and with wild ideas, and wrap it with a big bow for every occasion. From our own stage experience, we've learned that the details really matter. Both backstage and under the spotlight. We love it when everything is right. That is why we like to listen to your castles in the air before we start building them.”

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Launch event Huawei

Ellen was allowed to body paint and glitter three models from head to toe for the launch event of the new Huawei P30 smartphones. The bodypaints gave the event a high-end look.