False Wounds & SFX

Special effects , often abbreviated to SFX or SPFX , are optical, mechanical or digital techniques used in film , television, photographic and stage to achieve effects that cannot be achieved by conventional means. .”
In terms of make-up this means, for example, making fake noses and ears, attaching latex prostheses, making bald heads, making fake beards… The possibilities with Special FX are endless!

This also includes the false wounds . These are cool and scary at the same time. Cuts, bullet holes, burns, bruises… As long as it looks real and painful! Are you looking for someone to inflict false wounds on the guests or actors at an event, party or film set? Do not hesitate to contact us! Or maybe a workshop is a great idea for your youth movement or Halloween themed party?

Would you like to learn how to make realistic false wounds yourself? Which can! Click below for dates and more information.


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