Signal Bodypainters in Corona Lockdown

Together with eight other Belgian bodypaint artists, Ellen joined forces and created a striking video montage. From each person’s living room, the nine women pass their paintbrushes to each other and transform into a superhero, or sometimes a “lovable” villain. In this way, they want to honor the heroes in the corona crisis and signal that they are staying creative. Although this time they have to model their own work.


Artists: Sarie Verheughe (Ostend), Sandy Willems Rosette (Schilde), Karoline T’Kindt (Schoonaarde), Niki Van Cauwenbergh (Puurs), Ellen Devos (Ghent), Inge Gryseels (Zandhoven), Leni Peelman (Hamme), Veerle Nuytkens (Leest) and Sara Desanghere (Ostend) below.

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