Body paint fair

Live Bodypaint on Batibouw

Farbo's stand at Batibouw caught the eye thanks to the live bodypaint of Bodypaint by Ellen. Visitors could follow the progress and once model Sarie was ready, visitors could have their picture taken with her.

Farbo is specialized in a new and revolutionary way of surface treatment and repair. They remove graffiti, among other things, and Ellen based the design on this.

A live body paint may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for an original eye-catcher for your stand at a trade fair. Yet it is the best eye-catcher you can think of.

The visitors stay at your stand, take pictures and sometimes return several times to see the progress. Moreover, the threshold to have a chat with your employees is very low. A joke or question about the bodypaint, and the conversation is gone.

Your company's logo or theme can be incorporated into the body paint. First, the breasts are covered with paint behind closed doors or with their backs to the audience. Once these are covered enough, the audience can watch the progression. Photos can be taken afterwards or the model can hand out flyers. The space required is a place for a small table and a make-up chair. Feel free to provide a model yourself, or we can provide experienced body paint models ourselves.

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Launch event Huawei

Ellen was allowed to body paint and glitter three models from head to toe for the launch event of the new Huawei P30 smartphones. The bodypaints gave the event a high-end look.