Balloon folding in JBC stores

Ellen got to spend a whopping 10 days ballooning in various JBC stores thanks to Strange People . Strange People creates artistic concepts for events. Founders and dynamic duo Silas and Chrissie came up with the concept and made the costume themselves. Want to book a similar animation for your company or event? Feel free to contact them, I promise you that you will be vree content!

Strange People describes what they do as follows: “We sell big smiles. Preferably on your face, mixed with some delight and that which makes clean memories. There is only one tried and true recipe for that hussy trick: happy performers make happy audiences. We resolutely choose local talent, full of spontaneity and with wild ideas, and package it with a big bow for every occasion. From our own stage experience, we have learned that the details really matter. Both backstage and under the spotlight. We love it when everything is right. That’s why we like to listen to your castles in the air before we start building them.”

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Launch event Huawei

Ellen got to body paint and glitter three models from head to toe for the launch event of the new Huawei P30 smartphones. The body paints gave the event a high-end look.