A belly paint is a very beautiful and special way to immortalize your pregnant belly in photographs. Some moms even use the photo on the birth card or enlarge the photo to hang. It is also a fun activity for a baby shower. We have gift certificates if you would like to give a belly paint as a gift. A cartoon character, flowers, landscapes, something around the baby’s name or gender, something funny, abstract or realistic, an ultrasound photo…. What you want is completely your choice. Of course, we can also help you work out your own unique design together.

When the bellypaint is finished, photos are taken in the professional studio at the studio in Ghent.

Only professional high-quality products approved by the FDA are used and meet all cosmetic standards. All make-up is anti-allergic and suitable for sensitive skin. Our products are water-based. If no water gets on the belly bellypaint easily lasts a whole day. Feel free to put your clothes over it. The face paint is easy to remove with water. If there are still some marks, you can remove the final stubbornness with de-skimmer, damp wipes, soap or an oily cream. 


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