Bodypaint is one of the oldest art forms in the world. It was used from ancient times for decoration, religious purposes or to instill fear, for example. These days, body painting can be used for so much more. Product launches and advertisements for companies, bodypainted models at events, photoshoots, an original idea for a party, photos for printing… You name it!

Ellen specializes in realism and camouflage body paint. But of course she gets to work on more abstract designs just as well. She always goes into great detail and will ensure a highly professional end result.

Only professional high-quality products approved by the FDA and meeting all cosmetic standards are used. All make-up is anti-allergic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Our products are water-based. If no water gets on the schmink , the body paint is easily going to stay on it all day, even under clothes. The face paint is easy to remove with water. If some traces remain, you can remove the final stubbornness with de-skimmer, damp wipes, facial soap or greasy cream.

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