Glitter tattoos

Glitter tattoos are hip, colorful and cool! There is a choice of bright, beautiful colors and over a hundred figures! From tough dragons and skulls to fairies and flowers, and so much more. There is certainly something for everyone! They are popular with children as well as adults.

The glitter tattoos are sweat- and water-resistant and remain Sit on the skin for 3 to 7 days . The glitters are cosmetic glitters and are specially made for on the skin. Should they somehow end up in the eye, it won’t hurt since they are glass- and metal-free and ultra-fine. Glue and tattoo ink are also cosmetic products designed for use on the skin.

Should the tattoo come off a little earlier anyway? Then nail polish remover (dissolvent) or ether the easiest way. However, you can also get it off with makeup remover or an oil-based cream.

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