Street animation 'Gypsy Vibes'



Street animation act 'Gypsy Vibes'

Henna artist Eluna and fortune teller Alin provide a
mysterious extra touch at your party.

They welcome your guests in their 2 waterproof tents,
fully furnished in cozy boho style.


Alin tells you what the cards have to say about the
possibilities in the future and Eluna will decorate your hands with a unique, personal henna tattoo that matches your aura.

Take a seat in their cozy nests and travel together past your past, the present and take a look at the future direction of your life path…

Collaboration with Nila Hoop

Ellen has started a very nice and creative collaboration with street theater specialist and passionate all-rounder Nila HoOp .

Nele Callebaut, bit by the theatre, played, directed and finally made the crossover with the (physical) language of the circus. Her orthopedagogical background gives her the vision to use creativity as a medium to build bridges. Even more than showing her technique, she wants to make the audience feel something… or let them quiet for a while…

Together we have chosen to use the unexpected free time of the second lockdown (spring 2021) to blossom together and merge into something clean.