Street animation 'Gypsy Vibes'

Street animation act ‘Gypsy Vibes’

Henna artist Eluna, fortune teller Alin and fire artist Kimmik will add a mysterious extra touch to your party.

They welcome your guests around a campfire pit and in their 2 waterproof tents, fully decorated in cozy boho style.

Alin tells you what the cards have to say about the
opportunities in the future. Eluna decorates your hands with a unique, personal henna tattoo to match your aura. Kimmik greets your guests with warmth and an inviting fire. You are invited to grasp an intensity and together release this thought/wish. In celebration of this moment, he takes you through his passion for fire.

Take a seat in their atmospheric camp site and journey together past your past, present and glimpse the future direction of your life’s path….

Collaboration with Nila Hoop and Kimmik

Ellen started a very fine and creative collaboration with street theater specialists and passionate centipedes Nila HoOp and Kimmik.

Nele Callebaut, bitten by the theater, played, directed and finally made the crossover with the (physical) language of circus. Her orthopedagogical background gives her the vision to use creativity as a medium to build bridges. Even more than showcasing her technique, she wants to make the audience feel something … or quiet down for a moment….

Kim Fruyt has found his passion in fire and street theater. His passion is contagious, and before you know it, you are sitting mesmerized watching him manipulate and move the fire. In addition to theater, he is part of a cooperative society. Their goal is to create, (re)build and support sustainable projects together with an eye on a hopeful future. Kim starts from the idea that everyone and every project has a story within it. Every life is a story, every story brings something to life.

Together, we chose to use the unexpected time off from the second lockdown (spring 2021) to blossom and meld together into something beautiful.