Street animation 'Les Silhouettes'

Street animation act ‘Les Silhouettes’

This mysterious duo feels at home at any event or reception, but works equally well through the streets as surprising mobile animation.
This faceless combination of stilt walker and ground figure subtly immortalizes the shapes of your guests.
Armed only with scissors and paper, these artists manage to evoke wonder each time.

During this wordless act , your silhouette is immortalized in paper.
A fine and original memento to take home.

This act was selected for the International Street Theater Festival The Winged City 2022.

Our references

Collaboration with Peter Gusta

Ellen started a very fine and creative collaboration with street theater specialist and creative jack-of-all-trades Peter Gusta.

Stilt walker and fire breather Peter has been doing street animation at a very high level since 2007. Take that literally, because with his stylish and authentic stilt figures, he manages to create a unique and unforgettable image every time. Meanwhile, he has an extensive offer: stylish stilt walkers and surprising fire shows, hilarious animation, compelling musical acts and heartwarming street theater, to delight and amaze your audience, outdoor and indoor.

Together we chose to make the second lockdown (spring 2021), not useless lost time.
But a reason for new creation and the magic of our two worlds to merge.