Fluorescent body paint

Fluorescent body paint is something unique. This involves painting the body with fluorescent body paint. During bodypainting and when taking the photos afterwards, the body is illuminated with UV or blacklight lamps, causing the paint to glow and creating a beautiful, magical effect that cannot be obtained any other way.

UV body paint can also be in the form of a belly paint. This is a body paint on a pregnant belly. All the info on that can be found on the“Bellypaint” page.

Only professional high-quality products that meet all cosmetic standards are used. All make-up is anti-allergic and suitable for sensitive skin. Our products are water-based. If no water gets on the face paint, the body paint is easily going to stay on all day, even under clothes. The face paint is easy to remove with water. If there are still some traces you can remove the last stubbornness with some de-skimmer, damp wipes, facial soap or greasy cream.


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