Mobile grime

With our mobile flower cart , we travel the streets and events, leaving a trail of painted faces and arms. Our elated painter, colorful cart and upbeat French music are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your guests. We can customize our designs to fit the theme and can also incorporate logos into our designs.

Grime and facepaint, a more professional name for face painting, is a topper for all your parties. But it is also becoming increasingly popular with adults. Think Halloween, theme parties…. Ellen and her team take grime and facepaint to the next level. Did you know that Ellen is even Belgian Bodypaint Champion? Curious to see more photos? Feel free to take here a look.

Only professional, high-quality products approved by the FDA and meeting all cosmetic standards are used. This includes glitter, which is designed specifically for cosmetic purposes. Although nothing is 100% safe near your eyes (not even your own eyelashes) and the FDA has not yet “officially” approved glitters, cosmetic glitters offer maximum eye protection because they are ultra-fine and glass- and metal-free. All make-up is anti-allergic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Our products are water-based. If no water gets on the face paint, the design is going to stay on it all day. The face paint is easy to remove with water. You can remove the stubborn residue with de-skimmer, damp wipes, facial soap or greasy cream.

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